Climate Change and Students’ Role


Pertanyaannya bukan lagi apakah pemanasan global benar-benar terjadi, tetapi apakah dalam menghadapi situasi darurat ini, kita dapat cepat menyesuaikan diri” Kofi Annan 2006.

Climate Change, nowadays, really tickles many people’s mind deeply. They, who take different role in society structure, have their own idea about what actually climate change is. They showed their concentration on it and promoted how to reduce climate change. But on the other side, there are still people who criticize it. Is climate change really happening?

Yes. Climate change is real and happening now!

Well actually, climate is always changing through time and space. Started from the first time that earth was formed, the climate has been conditioning to the balance and suitable atmosphere for living.

The problem right now is that it is changing more rapidly than before and most of them, this era, were indicated as the effect of human activities. This rapid and big scale changing will affect all aspect of living creature on the earth.  Earth’s temperature will continuously increase if we don’t take any action to prevent it by now.

Since around 1800’s, earth’s mean temperature had been increased 0.74 C. It is predicted that the temperature will increase around 1.80 C to 4 C on the 2011’s. During last 30 years, earth’s mean temperature had been temperature 0.06 C. 2006 is recorded as the hottest year of all.

As a student, we also have a role to take, which couldn’t replace by anyone. But not many students considered with this special role. So tell us, do u care with climate change? What can you do to fulfill the role?

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7 Responses to Climate Change and Students’ Role

  1. I think one of the problem is no one wanna take the first step, if other haven’t take yet..
    People also believe that what exactly they contribute to the world is too small to count.
    I believe that student should aware with this opinion, and do his best. Many logos, slogan, etc already released, but how many of them who really do it wholeheartedly?

    The most important is our own attitude.
    Firstly first.. love your earth, then you know exactly what you have to do.

  2. Sandro Lbs says:

    Is it true?..
    wow, the mean temperature has been increase obviously, but Iam deeply happy if people know what the main problem that we’re facing..the things about life..will the global warming issue only be a trend or hot news for getting profit..

  3. So what actually you can do for our lovely earth, Sandro??

  4. Koje says:

    Semangat yah buat perkembangan organisasinya dan selalu berkarya buat menyelamatkan bumi

  5. Luthfi Aziz says:

    Eh… eh… pengurusnya sekarang siapa ya????

  6. genarhoades says:

    I wanted to let you know that I recently mentioned your organization in my blog:

    Please take a few minutes to read the blog and comment, telling people more about your organization and how they can help.

    I hope that my blog helps you find teachers and other volunteers for your programs.

    If you do not wish to have your organization mentioned in my blog, please let me know and I will remove it.

    Gena Rhoades, EdD
    MAT@USC, University of Southern California

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