Paper Recycling Workshop


Dear ICSF fella…

At Saturday 31 Jan 09, we’ve just tried to make the recycling paper.. i’m so thankful for the participants.. though i’m not an expert in recycling paper, but i’ve tried to share my skill through this workshop..

Because lack of equipments, i tried to substituted those things with many kinds of economic household tools… hehehe… it was quite worked!!

Actually this workshop was still on the trial phase… so i hope all the participants could understand if the results are not totally succesful yet… gomen ne..

Mmm… maybe you wanna know every steps to make this recycled paper… it’s quite simple… u just need to break the newspaper by cutting it into very small pieces n soak it at least one night. Then leach it, and put a small amount of the pulp on the rag, press it with the glass bottle till it becomes a really thin sheet.. let the rag covered up the sheet and let it dry by the sun heat.. Voila, you did it..!!

dsc00656 dsc00653 dsc006581 dsc00652 dsc00667

So… from the workshop, we’ve produced several sheets of recycling paper… it’s good enough for the amateur like us I guess… hehe.. after dried up by days [?] we could see that (still) there’re missing techniques.. but that’s the way we learn something, right? we found the mistake, then try to fix it… without that, we’ll never know the hurdle, n we’ll never know how much energy that we have to spend just for making papers… ^.^

overall, all of the participants have done a great work..!!
I was so glad to see your spirit at this workshop… can’t wait to do another activity…!



Saputri Sapta – Project Officer of Paper Recycling

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