Hayy… this is the page of our activities…

Here you can read the journal of our projects and also the picz..!!

Can’t wait to see your comments..!!!



Saputri Sapta – Page Administrator




3 Responses to Program

  1. iJaz says:

    I’m very delighted to your project and progress of what You all made to be poured into real action as responsibility to Climate Change and absolutely environment. Though I’m not legally member of ICSF but once upon time I ever attended regular meeting of ICSF which was chaired by Kak Daniel. As seen your big effort I really want to get involved to some projects -if any- which you all conduct in order spreading of experience and knowledge about Environment and things related.

    Keep Voting Earth !!!

  2. retno sri rahayu says:

    Saya tertarik dengan program ICSF kebetulan saya mengajar di SMA dengan mata pelajaran PLH
    (Pendidikan Lingkungan Hidup). Seandainya ada artikel yang menarik/isu lingkungan /games yang
    membuat siswa tertarik pada lingkungan, sudi kiranya mengirimkan ke email saya :
    Sebelum dan sesudahnya saya mengucapkan terimakasih..


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