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Perdinan Rakiso

A lecturer and researcher in Department of Geophysics and Meterorology, Bogor Agricuktural University, Indonesia.The main research interests are in the areas of climate risks, land use change (carbon), climate change mitigation and adaptation.  He had been involved in a number of national and international research that focus on applying climate information to enhance human adaptive capacity to the climate conditions. Currently, He is pursuing a PhD degree at  Department of Geography of Michigan State University, the United States of America.

Akhmad Faqih

Akhmad Faqih. Saat ini bekerja sebagai dosen pada Departemen Geofisika dan Meteorologi, Institut Pertanian Bogor, juga merupakan peneliti dan kepala Divisi Pemodelan Iklim pada Center for Climate Risk and Opportunity Management in South East Asia and Pacific (CCROM-SEAP). Penerima beasiswa PhD Endeavour IPRS (International Postgraduate Research Scholarship), University Southern Queensland, Australia ini berhasil mendapatkan gelar PhD-nya di universitas tersebut dalam bidang klimatologi. Beliau mendapatkan gelar sarjananya pada jurusan Agrometeorologi, Institut Pertanian Bogor.